Professional Coping Sled

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Product Description

Our award-winning professional cross cut sled for even the most discerning woodworking professional. The Infinity Tools professional coping (scribing) sled is the fastest, safest and most accurate way to produce crosscuts in stock up to 7″ wide.

Its solid aluminium construction, Lexan safety visor and quick-set toggle clamps set this production quality coping sled apart. Competitor units not only use inferior quality materials but they use their base as a guide against your router's fence, which allows the router bit or shaper cutter to eat into the base, quickly making the sled useless.

Our professional coping sled has an exclusive Lexan visor mounted on solid aluminium posts; the visor keeps the sled's aluminium base away from the spinning cutter and acts as a protective barrier between you and the work piece. The bottom of the visor sits 3″ from your work surface and is ⅜″ thick so it will not fit into any mini t-track that may be mounted to your fence.

The solid feel and mass of our professional coping sled absorbs vibration for a smooth cut and makes cutting rail ends (or any crosscut) more safe, precise and repeatable. The ergonomic handle is comfortable for all-day woodworking.

The sled's solid aluminium clamp blocks hold the toggle clamps securely and the backer block holds your stock precisely at 90° to the cutter. Abrasive paper holds the stock in place and the replaceable backer block prevents blow-out when routing.

Instructions are included.

Auto-adjusting toggle clamps

The Infinity Tools professional coping sled is now available with auto-adjust toggle clamps. In place of our standard toggle clamps you get three custom machined Bessey HH-20 auto-adjust toggle clamps plus twelve small head socket cap screws.

No more clumsy and time-wasting toggle pad adjustments: these toggle clamps automatically adjust to variations in work piece dimensions while maintaining a constant clamping force.

Another benefit of these clamps is the increased material thickness you can clamp. The Bessey HH-20 clamps hold material from ¾″ to 2″ thick without making any adjustment to the clamps!

Nominal clamping force range: 25-250 lb.

Precision mitre bar

The optional mitre bar COP-MB1 can be attached to the sled's base in one of two places and allows you to guide the sled in your router table, shaper table or table saw's ¾″ mitre slot. This exclusive new design gives you the ultimate flexibility and makes our sled the most versatile on the market.