About Our Manufacturing Processes

Infinity Tools employs cutting edge technology to produce the highest quality router bits on the market.

Infinity Cutting Tool products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located in the United States and around the world.

From carefully drawn engineering programs each Infinity bit is born on a computer screen at the hands of a skilled engineer. At this point our engineers utilise CAD software to create cutting tools of unmatched precision and quality.

Once generated on screen, every bit is turned from Fatigue-Proof® steel bars. Fatigueproof® Steel is A high manganese, re-sulphurised steel;"Elevated Temperature Drawn" process that produces higher strength levels, yet maintains machinability with minimum distortion. Infinity bits aren't made from castings. They are precision machined from solid steel bars. That's important, because solid steel bits offer a superb combination of balance and strength not seen in other types of bits.

After precise milling and cleaning every Infinity bit goes through a manual induction brazing station. This process is superior to an open flame system because we are able to more accurately control the heat which is introduced into the bit body at this time. Infinity is one of the few manufacturers which uses 61% silver content in it's brazing wire. The higher the silver content in the wire the lower it's melting point, this in turn reduces the heat exposure of the bit and lessens its chance of snapping when it's in your router.

After brazing, each bit is then placed in an automatic sandblasting machine to remove any unwanted residues. This allows our engineers to conduct a visual inspection on each and every bit, NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE. We check for any gaps between the steel body and the micro-grain carbide tip as well as perform a stress test to ensure the tips are permanently cemented to the fatigue proof steel body.

Once past our brazing inspection station, our bits are ready for the application of the Silver PTFE (poly-tetraflouroethylene) coating. This tough, almost-indestructible silver shell helps minimize the build-up of resin and pitch on your bits, extending their life and insuring maximum cutting performance.

As woodworkers, we all know that the best materials and a colourful coating don't add up to a good cut unless the carbide is ground correctly. Infinity uses perhaps the most sophisticated grinding system available. As the computerized five-axis C.N.C. grinder removes the perfect amount of micro-grain carbide from the rough profile it leaves behind a geometrically perfect, razor sharp edge that is the envy of the industry. The result is an exceptionally sharp, perfectly-formed bit with carbide that you can tell is something special.

Finally, the bit is ready for a very demanding series of inspections. Bits are studied on an optical comparator, which compares the profile to a template projected on a large screen. Then, under the trained eye of an expert (and a strong magnifying lens) each bit is checked with electronic calipers for conformance to specification and for any potential defects. Only if it clears those hurdles is Infinity's logo etched on the shank.

Although we have been accused of being somewhat fanatical when it comes to the quality of our products we believe that we have amongst the best router bits in the world.