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There are a lot of projects that demand an extra deep reach from the router bit. As a rule you want to have at least ⅞″ of the shank in the collet, or as much as possible without letting the woodworking router bit bottom out. In some situations, installing the router bit properly into router doesn't offer enough reach for a certain task.

This is where a router collet extension becomes extremely handy. The router collet extension allows you to extend the reach of your router bit without sacrificing safety.

Dynamically balanced and machined from Fatigue Proof Steel, the Xtreme Xtension fits into any ½″ collet and extends your ½″ or ¼″ shank router bit by 1¼″. The single tool cutter changing eliminates searching for and holding the spindle lock while securing the collet with a wrench while the extensions' 1″ deep bore provides support for even the shortest shank cutters. Comes with a ¼″ sleeve to safely support your ¼″ shank router bits.

This collet extension is designed to be used in a woodworking router table or with some form of router jig or extended base. It's not recommended to use these extensions in a handheld woodworking router because of the added forces applied to the bit and router itself. This router collet extension works in any ½″ router collet to extend your ½″ and ¼″ shank router bits.

A few situations where extra reach can come in handy are when using templates, cutting deep mortises or using jigs like a planing sled. The beauty of a router collet extension is that it has a collet on one end to hold a router bit securely and a ½″ router bit shank to be chucked into the router, adding extra reach to any router bit.

This extension comes with everything you need to extend the reach of your router bits by 1¼″. The Xtreme Xtension also features a quick-release collet locking mechanism that only requires a ¼ turn of the 5⁄32″ set screw to tighten or remove the bit from your router. This is great for above the table router bit changes if your router requires two wrenches or doesn't have provisions for above-the-table bit changes. The 1¼″ reach of the Xtreme Xtension is also ideal for the router table. This means that the Xtreme Xtension can just about live in your router table full time except in rare occasions.