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Bring back the grandeur of the 1920s and 1930s with our premium quality Art Deco router bit set.

For nearly a century, the Art Deco style has proven one of the most highly recognisable methods of architectural design across the globe. Sporting clean lines that lead the eye to bold accents, furniture and art pieces made in the Art Deco tradition evoke the air of romance and optimism of a bygone age. Now you can bring this distinctive spirit of the 20s, 30s and 40s to your woodworking projects thanks to our three-piece cabinet maker's Art Deco router bit set.

Hardened carbide cutting edges make efficient work in door panels and frames between ¾″ and ⅞″ thick and the three-wing slot cutters and engineered shear cutting geometry reduce the chances of burn and tear common to inferior bits. Produced using premium raw materials and manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery, our rail and stile and raised panel router bits represent the finest quality on the market. The extra-sharp carbide profiles are precision ground on computer controlled equipment to ensure a perfect fit and leave the smoothest finish possible with minimal sanding.

The factory matched rail and stile router bits cut a 7⁄16″ wide profile along with a full ¼″ thick tongue and groove joint to accept your raised panel. Should you find the need to cut ¼″ plywood for your panel, you'll definitely need to use our plywood panel conversion kit since the standard is never a true ¼″ thick. These two piece slot cutter kits replace the ¼″ slot cutters in the stile and rail profiles and give you a perfect fitting panel door when using undersized plywood panel stock.

The Art Deco router bit set includes:

The set comes in a custom wooden case.