Mini Mega Flush Trim Bit Set

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Product Description

The mini-Mega Flush Trim Router Bits share the same unique compression geometry and dual bearing design as our full-sized Mega Flush Trim Router Bits but with a quarter-inch shank and sized perfectly for use in compact and trim routers. While these bits may be small, the compression geometry and dual bearings mean you can still expect to get the smoothest finish and longest life even in your toughest routing situations. The compression geometry makes them ideal for both flush trimming and pattern routing applications and they are right at home in full-sized routers and router tables when needed.

The mini-Mega Router Bits are available in three different sizes. Taking our most popular sized flush-trim bit to the next level, the 06-128 has a ½” diameter and 1” tall cutter height, perfect for material up to 1” thick while still letting you get into the tightest curves.

The 06-130 features a 5/8” diameter to maximize finish quality in reversing grain and has a 7/8” cutter height perfectly suited to working with standard ¾” thick material keeping the compression (4 cutter) sweet spot at just the right height when working on a single edge such as flush trimming veneers or edge banding.

The 06-131 has a 5/8” cutter diameter with a 1-3/8” cutter height. While still a great choice for thinner material, the taller cutter height is perfect for working with 5/4 and 6/4 stock, allowing you to use your compact router even on your largest projects.

This set includes all three Mini Mega Router Flush Trim bits, each with top and bottom pattern bearings.