17th Century Profile Bits

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Product Description

Towards the late 17th century, Great Britain was a growing world power and trading nation. This led to an economic boom and there were more people in Britain that could afford opulent homes and furniture. The notable makers of the time, such as Garret Johnson and Grinling Gibbons, sacrificed strength for style, incorporating curved classical rounded shapes into their furniture. These profiles evolved from the classical Greek and Roman shapes as used by famous architects and designers Christopher Wren and William Kent.

This unique set of 17th century moulding router bits was designed to emulate the more popular profiles found on 17th century British furniture. The mouldings of this period were originally created by hand using scratch stocks or moulding planes but now they can be created using the router.

The idea for this router bit set is to enable restorers and reproducers of fine furniture to make authentic mouldings similar to those found on traditional furniture.