Biscuit Joining Bits

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In stock £63.69

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Product Description

With Infinity Tools biscuit joinery router bits you don't need an expensive biscuit joining machine to make strong woodworking joints. Just by using your router and our kit, you can achieve the same result for fractions of the cost. Our premium quality sets come with everything you need (biscuits sold separately) to cut fast and precise biscuit joints.

The set includes a carbide tipped 5/32 (3.9 mm) slot cutter on a ¼″ or ½″ shank and three specially designed bearings that match up with standard biscuits. Changing the bearings allows this router bit set to cut slots for size 0, 10 and 20 biscuits. When using biscuits, it is advisable to use the largest size biscuit that your project will allow. This creates the strongest joint possible with the largest amount of glue surface.

Biscuits are great for edge-gluing, face-frame assembly and even mitre work. Applications for joining hardwood are almost endless. You can use biscuits to join table tops, picture frames, drawers, cabinets and much more. In many cases, biscuits can replace traditional Mortise and Tenon joinery as they are almost as strong but much faster to produce.

The maximum safe operating speed is 18,000 rpm.