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Product Description

Box joints are beautiful and strong and they can be cut quickly and easily with this router bit. Our box joint router bit set allows you to make 5⁄32″ combs in stock up to 1-9⁄16″ tall – or up to 3⅛″ in two passes.

The interlocking fingers of a well made box joint are a thing of reserved dignity. You will see them on countless items throughout your day. From high-end kitchen drawers and jewellery boxes to simple crates and containers, they are a stalwart figure in the world of joinery. Quick to make and uncomplicated to design, when precisely cut, fit and glued the humble box joint forms a lasting hold that also catches the eye.

Our Infinity box joint router bit is designed to quickly cut perfect box joints on your router table. Made with micro-grain carbide tips, the five 5⁄32″ kerf slot cutters will hold their edge longer than you would ever have thought possible. With three bearings included in the set, you'll be able to cut at depths of ¼″, ⅜″ and ½″ with absolute confidence.

This box joint bit comes with three bearings for cutting different material thicknesses:

Bearing Height Diameter Cut Depth
BR-105 5⁄16″ ⅞″ ½″
BR-116 5⁄16″ 1⅛″ ⅜″
BR-118 5⁄16″ 1¼″ ¼″