Classical Bead Bits

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Product Description

This classical bead router bit combines a bullnose with an elegant teardrop profile to make a stunning effect on the edge of tabletops and other wooden furniture.

Many pieces of furniture have an overhanging top, including tables, desks, dressers and china cabinets. This classical bead router bit provides an elegant edge detail to finish off these tops.

It can be used with material from ¾″ (19 mm) to 1″ (25.4 mm) thick, depending on the desired look for your project.

The router bit can produce two different effects by running the workpiece through either face-up or face-down. For example, you can cut face-up to make the larger radius more pronounced on the top of a tall cabinet or face-down to have it showing along the top edge of a tabletop.

On the edge of a desk, you can create a comfortable edge to rest against while writing or typing by running it face-up to create a ¼″ radius on the top edge with no fillet.

Choose the thickness of your material depending on whether you want a fillet on the top and/or bottom edge. In ¾″ material, you will produce a fillet on either the top or bottom edge. In ⅞″ material, a fillet can be made on both top and bottom or a deeper fillet on just one edge. In 1″ material, a deep fillet can be produced on both faces.

Take it a step further by combining the classical bead router bit with our ⅜″ radius cove bit (37-786) to add a cove moulding beneath the edge bead. Several variations are possible to create a beautiful transition to the face of a cabinet.