Colonial Period Profile Bits

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Product Description

Inspired by colonial Williamsburg furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries, these router bits are ideal for making period furniture moulding, panel moulding, waist mouldings and more.

This exclusive collection of router bits will help you produce truly unique and timeless woodwork that will adorn your home for generations to come.

Medium interior trim moulding bit 19-100

This unique profile is the perfect addition to a piece of classic period furniture and will produce a timeless edging for cabinet frames and tops. You can also make raised panel moulding with this bit.

Small interior trim moulding bit 19-110

Use this cutter to make a unique raised panel moulding or a small interior furniture trim moulding. Perfect for bookcases or period cabinetry, this cutter is both versatile and elegant.

Baseboard end cap bit 19-120

Similar to baseboard moulding found in colonial period homes, this router bit will produce a truly unique small crown moulding for your ceiling or an equally attractive baseboard end cap between your wall and hardwood floor.

For use with a router mounted on a table.

Large furniture detail bit 19-130

This bit will create a classic profile used to adorn the underside of tabletops that have a large overhang. This profile can also be used to build unique crown mouldings.

For use with a router mounted on a table.

Large rake moulding bit 19-140

This rake mould is a larger version of the Baseboard End Cap and is used primarily as a large baseboard moulding but it can also make a one-of-a kind panel mould.

For use with a router mounted on a table.

Crown moulding cove bit 19-150

A beautiful period crown moulding, this cutter will create a distinctive moulding like the ones found in 16th and 17th century colonial homes. Notice the teardrop detail at the bottom of the profile found commonly on furniture of the period.

For use with a router mounted on a table.

Board joint cover bit 19-160

Used as a small detail on a drawer front or to hide the joint between two joining boards this bit features a slight teardrop shape common on period furniture.