Crown Moulding Edge Bits

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Product Description

Produce and install crown moulding with professional results when you use our new crown moulding edge trim router bit. This bit cuts the correct angles on the edges of your moulding for a quick and easy fit.

The appeal of making crown moulding from real wood is strong in most woodworkers. Many times you'll be able to match a floor moulding or other design element in your room when you make your own crown moulding. Also, making custom wood moulding can be much less expensive than having custom moulding made to your specification at a timber yard. Of course, MDF moulding that you buy from the big box stores will be cheaper but the look and feel is nowhere near the quality of a custom made crown moulding.

This crown moulding edge trim bit makes adding the 38° and 52° angles easy and fast. The included ball bearing on the top of the bit serves as your handy depth guide for setting your fence accurately. Place your moulding face down on your router table and cut the top edge first. Then flip your moulding over and cut the bottom edge. The top and bottom edges receive both angles simultaneously so there is no need to adjust your router bit, one setup does it all!

Combine with one of our crown moulding bits or other profile bits to create custom mouldings to any design you can think of.