Dado and Planer Bits

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Product Description

These dado and planer router bits allow you to clean out dadoes, rout signs, finish rough stock and even remove paint or varnish! Our unique down shear design produces an extremely smooth surface and our extra-thick micro-grain carbide tips on our dado and planer router bits allow for multiple sharpening.

Our new Mega dado and planer bit, 52-506, is designed to make quick work of planing large surfaces and cutting large joints such as tenons, rebates and dadoes. It has four extra-thick micro-grain carbide cutters, two of which are set at an up-shear for clearing lots of material out of the way while the other two cutters are set at a down-shear to produce a clean finish. This unique geometry also helps produce beautiful shoulders on joints. The 3 mm micro-grain carbide cutters give the mega dado and planer bit the best possible life expectancy and can be resharpened multiple times.