Dovetail Bits (½ inch shank)

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Product Description

Use these fine carbide tipped dovetail router bits to build drawers, jewellery boxes, humidors, Shaker style furniture, shadow boxes and much more. Made with exact shear angles and premium grade materials our bits will make your next dovetail project a smashing success. Dovetail bits can also be used with a router table and fence to make odd-angle chamfer cuts.

With many of the most popular sizes to choose from we're sure to have the perfect dovetail router bit for your next project. Because of their neck geometry, properly made dovetail router bits are tricky to produce. Our dovetail router bits have been specially designed on advanced CAD software to provide the smoothest cuts possible and work with the most popular jigs.

To improve dovetail cuts and extend bit life, precut the fingers with a narrower straight bit. Rout along the fingers of your dovetail template at least twice for each joint. Before removing the stock from the jig, be sure the cut is clean and complete.

A few safety tips: