Flush Trim Bits For Laminates

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Product Description

These solid carbide flush trim router bits are designed for trimming laminates.

Made from a solid piece of C4 micrograin carbide, these trimming pilot bits are engineered to work without a bearing while still maintaining a flush cut with your reference material.

These solid carbide flush trim bits bring the high quality you've come to expect from Infinity Cutting Tools to your next job-site installation.

The offset back end design makes for excellent chip ejection.

Flush trim laminate counter tops, shelves and any other multi-layered project for a smooth edge with no bearing needed.

Bevel pilot bit 06-136

This 7° bevel pilot bit is just the thing for softening the hard, square edges of laminate counter tops and shelves. It has an integrated pilot point for flush trimming without a bearing.

Excellent for use with either a full-sized router or a smaller trim router, the 7° angle on this bit makes a gentle bevel on laminate kitchen counter top edges.