Mega Flush Trim Bits

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Product Description

Many woodworking projects require the use of flush-trimming router bits, but ordinary flush trim bits may not produce clean cuts when routing thick stock, figured hardwood or delicate veneers. These Mega Flush Trim router bits are designed to overcome these problems by using a compression spiral cutting geometry and increased bit diameter. These bits will give you the smoothest finish and longest life in your toughest router applications.

The Mega Flush Trim router bits have an exclusive 2+2 compression (up/down cut) geometry, which creates a compression shearing action for super smooth cuts. The four carbide cutters pull the material from the surface of the board to the centre, greatly reducing the chance of tearout. If you are trimming the edge of a veneered table-top these router bits will act like a pair of scissors rather than an axe, perfect when trimming these delicate materials.

The large diameter of these router bits improves the cutting action by decreasing the angle of attack, resulting in a cleaner cut with less chance of tear-out, even when going against the grain. The large diameter of these router bits and the 2+2 cutter shearing action combine to make a bit that can cut with and against the grain, often without needing to flip the workpiece over or reposition the template.

All our Mega Flush Trim router bits come with ½″ shanks and double pattern bearings. These top and bottom bearings allow you to attach your template to your workpiece and never have to remove or reposition it, even in the most extreme situations. By flipping the project and adjusting the bit to use the other bearing you are effectively reversing the grain direction so that you are always routing with the grain, reducing the chances of ruining a piece because of tearout.

We sell all four of the Mega Flush Trim router bits in a money saving 4 piece set as well as individually. The 4 piece set ensures you will be ready no matter what project comes up.

The shavings these bits produce are indicative of a quality cut that is simply not possible with a straight flute router bit. Check out the shavings in the photos, we think they speak for themselves.

Please note that these bits require a variable speed router. Maximum speed for ¾″ diameter bits is 18,000 rpm. Maximum speed for 1½″ diameter bits is 16,000 rpm.