Multiple Profile Bits

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Product Description

Cut dozens of classical profiles with our multi-profile router bits. Varying the cutter height, fence position and number of passes allows you to produce an almost unlimited variety of shapes.

Like all of our router bits, these cutters are manufactured to the tightest tolerances using the most advanced 5-axis computerised grinding centres. This ensures optimum clearance angles along the entire cutting edge which results in a clean, burn-free cut that requires little to no sanding.

Classical moulding bit 56-501

Our classical moulding router bit mills attractive, ornate shapes. It's perfect for remodelling and restoration jobs requiring duplication of elaborate mouldings. This router bit can be used to cut a variety of shapes but the most common application is to make unique base mouldings, chair rail and panel mouldings with a full 1⅛″ height.

Large moulding bit 55-901

Use our large moulding router bit to make delicate beads, base caps and even a wide traditional mop board. This elegant router bit profile is perfect for wide moulding.

Traditional moulding bit 55-902

Use our traditional moulding router bit to make unique base mouldings with a full 1⅝″ height. A single cut with this router bit provides beautiful mouldings.

Multiple profile bit 56-802

Our multi-profile router bit is designed to replicate traditional shapes or create totally unique profiles. Cut dozens of classical profiles with this router bit by varying the cutter height, fence position and number of passes. If the profile requires multiple cuts be sure to plan your work carefully before you start. One or two passes produce an incredible variety of moulding and edge-work shapes with this router bit.