Ogee Bits

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Product Description

We have ogee router bits to suit just about any decorative need. Our top quality ogee router bits leave a smooth finish with no extra sanding required!

We ensure all of our Infinity router bits are top-quality by using only micro-grain carbide tips and by finely polishing their edges with special 5-axis CNC grinding equipment. This advanced production process allows us to produce geometrically exact profiles with perfect ground relief angles. Making sure you have the correct relief angles throughout the entire ogee bit profile will ensure your router bits cut cleanly, do not burn while cutting and leave your wood glass-smooth. Don't buy inferior quality ogee router bits (or any router bit for that matter) manufactured using traditional machines – they will often result in poor quality cuts that require a lot of extra sanding and elbow grease to fix.

Plunge Ogee Router Bits

You'll never run out of uses for these multi-faceted Plunge Ogee router bits. Use it with your edge guide or router table to add a touch of classic style to almost any edge. Great for faux raised panel door creation or a perfect sign accent.

Beading Conversion Kit (bottom bearing) BCK-002

Bottom bearing with Allen key. Ogee router bits beginning with 44, 46 and 59 can be converted into beading bits when you purchase our beading conversion kit. By switching to the ⅜″ diameter bearing included in the kit you can produce an attractive bead profile which is 1⁄16″ wide.