Slot Cutter Bits

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Product Description

Our three-wing slot cutter router bits allow you to cut rebates (rabbets) or grooves, slots for biscuits, mill tongue and groove stock or rout grooves for T-moulding. The slot cutters do not come with an arbour.

Each arbour comes with a double sealed 5⁄16″ × ⅞″ bearing (BR-105) to make a standard ½″ depth of cut. Adjust the cut depth by using one of our slot cutter depth adjustment bearings. Use our 1⅛″ diameter bearing for a ⅜″ depth of cut, our 1¼″ diameter bearing for a 5⁄16″ depth of cut or our 1⅜″ diameter bearing for a ¼″ depth of cut.

These precision machined arbours will work with any 5⁄16″ bore slot cutter. To prevent down time it's always a good idea to have spare arbours and bearings.

Plywood slot cutter

The plywood slot cutter (23-PLY) is for making 5.9 mm plywood grooves when using our combination rail and stile router bit (91-521) only.

Slot cutter router bit set

Vary the spacing and combinations of slot cutters in this set to produce dado, rabbet, tongue-and-groove and even slots for biscuits. Our slot cutter set cuts virtually any groove from ⅛″ to 11⁄16″ or cuts precise grooves using any single cutter. The set includes a ⅞″ diameter bearing allowing for a ½″ depth of cut.

For other cutting depths use our slot cutter depth adjustment bearings. Maximum safe operating speed is 18,000 RPM.