Lock Mitre Jigs

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Product Description

This set of jigs helps you to correctly align lock mitre router bits for perfect-fitting joints, without frustration or wasted wood. It includes two setup jigs for stock from ⅜″ to 1-3⁄16″. They are fast and easy to use and work with most brands of locking mitre router bit (in table mounted routers only). Most first attempts will result in a perfect joint.

The set includes two jigs: LMM-002 and LMM-003. Please note that the router bits are not included.

The lock mitre profile is one of the few that requires precision in both the bit height and fence position. The difficulty is matching the centreline of your material with the centreline of the profile, in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Unlike other setup jigs or blocks, these simple and precisely-machined jigs are easy to use and open up new locking mitre joint possibilities. No calculations are required and virtually no trial-and-error cuts. With these jigs you can quickly and easily set the proper bit height and fence position for precise-fitting lock mitre joints. They attach securely to your router bit with rare earth magnets and have engraved reference lines that make it easy to set up flawless standard lock mitre joints and a variety of special lock mitre joints only possible with the lock mitre master.

We have complete lock mitre jig instructions (PDF) for you to download.

The small jig (LMM-002) works with stock from ⅜″ to ¾″. The large jig (LMM-003) works with stock from ⅝″ to 1-3⁄16″. They are incredibly versatile and work with uneven stock thickness to make non-standard joints. The jigs are precision CNC machined from billet aluminium and red anodised for durability and visibility.