Lock Mitre Bits

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Product Description

These router bits produce strong and beautiful lock mitre joints for kitchen cabinetry, drawers, four-sided planters, boxes, picture frames and much more.

Like all Infinity Tools router bits, these cutters are made from the most premium raw materials and designed to exacting standards of quality. With optimal shear angle and extra-thick micrograin carbide tips, they easily slice through even the hardest of hardwood, leaving a perfect joint and a glass-smooth finish. Don't skimp on quality when buying cutting tools. Our router bits are proven to be of the highest quality and these lock mitre router bits are guaranteed to give you a perfect factory fit and a flawless finish.

We have complete instructions (PDF) for you to download.

The small lock mitre bit is for stock from ⅜″ to ¾″ thick and has a maximum safe speed of 16,000 RPM. The large bit is for stock from ⅝″ to 1⅛″ thick and has a maximum safe speed of 12,000 RPM.