Lettering Bits

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Product Description

These lettering and point cutting router bits enable you to create custom letters for sign making.

Lettering router bit

This lettering router bit has 60° angled cutting edges that curve gracefully through an ⅛″ radius on both sides of the ¼″ wide flat bottom. This router bit produces lettering that is highly visible and attractive as well as resistant to splintering and chipping. When routing around raised lettering, the flat tip helps level the area around the letter quickly and the bevelled edge makes the raised letters more resistant to splintering than square-edged letters.

Point cutting router bit

This point cutting sign making router bit gives you the power to create unique letters for all of your custom made signs. The sides of the carbide edges form a 20° angle that gives your letters a sharp and precise appearance. As a special bonus, use this router bit to make 20° chamfers on table-tops or other furniture.

Choose the bit with a bearing for template sign routing.