Stepped Rebate Bits

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Product Description

Our stepped rebate bit makes custom frames quick and easy!

What used to take you two passes with your straight or rebate router bit now only takes one. This innovative stepped rabbeting router bit cuts two steps on the back of your custom picture or mirror frames to hold the glass and a backing piece of plywood or other material.

The inner step to hold the glass is ⅜″ (9.5 mm) wide and ⅛″ (3.2 mm) deep, perfect for holding a ⅛″ (3.2 mm) thick pane of glass. The second step is another ⅜″ (9.5 mm) wide and holds the subject of your frame and a backing piece. This arrangement reduces the chances of the glass being damaged by fasteners used to secure the picture into the frame. The ability to cut both steps in a single pass makes this a great router bit for any custom frame job.