Tongue and Groove Flooring Bits

Tongue and groove flooring bit set 61-511 Out of stock £180

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Product Description

Our tongue and groove flooring router bit set is ideal for making beautiful hardwood floor planks. It produces a specially-engineered male and female profile that makes floor installation fast and easy.

A unique feature of this set is the integrated nail slot above the tongue profile. This creates a space for your nail to be inset so the tongue and groove will fit together without any binding – no more fighting the nail when sliding the flooring together.

The tongue and groove cuts contain a gap of approximately 1⁄16″ to allow room for seasonal wood expansion. These bits also create a rounded profile on the bottom of the boards, to prevent loose debris on the floor getting in the way of a tight fit.

Made with finely polished micro-grade carbide cutting edges, this router bit set will stand up to the abuse of cutting loads of boards.

Both bits feature a high quality bearing for ease of setup and are suitable for working with stock up to ¾″ thick. This set also includes a complimentary setup block for use with ¾″ material to help you get your bits aligned even faster.