Lapped Mitre Bits

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Product Description

Our lapped mitre router bit set has been specifically designed to create strong, attractive joinery in plywood and MDF but it works equally well in hardwood.

Standard lock mitre router bits are great for hardwood joinery but their delicate finger profile easily breaks in plywood and MDF. Our lapped mitre router bit set combines a half lap profile with a 45° mitre to create a self-aligning joint with a large gluing surface and without any weak fingers. The half lap makes gluing-up a breeze and the mitred edge hides the unsightly edges of the plywood layers.

Plywood is one of the most commonly used materials for everything from cabinet boxes, drawer making and simple furniture, but it isn't easy to make strong and aesthetically pleasing joints in sheet material. That's because the plywood layers and the glue that holds them together don't hold up well when milled into small details and if you are working in MDF just forget about it. Our lapped mitre router bit set combines strong profiles with plenty of glue surface making it the perfect joint for sheet materials.

We have complete instructions (PDF) for you to download.

This exclusive router bit set is easy to set up and works with material from ½″ to ¾″ thick.

Includes free ¾″ setup block with purchase. For stock thinner than ¾″, simply move the fence forwards by the difference in stock thickness.